The Mercurial repository is hosted on Bitbucket.

Repository mirrors are hosted on Sourceforge, GitHub and Gitorius.


The Issues tracker is hosted on Bitbucket.

Before filing any new bug track, take a look if it hasn't been already signaled.

Please report every information needed to reproduce the error. Remember to include:

  • error messages;
  • stack tracebacks;
  • URL (or name or title) of the movie/person page that generates the error (if available).


Pull requests are hosted on Bitbucket.

Patches can also be submitted to the mailing list (see below).


The account on Transifex is used to coordinate the translation effort.

Mailing list

The mailing list is open also to non-subscribers (anyone can send emails) but is moderated by default: your first message needs to be approved; if it's on-topic, the succeeding ones will be automatically accepted.

Subscribe to the list.



How to contribute to the IMDbPY development.