License and Disclaimer

Read the IMDbPY disclaimer.

Licensed under the terms of the GPL License.

Source Code

Stable version

Version 5.0, released .

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Development version

Code repository is hosted on Bitbucket.

Older versions

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Official Packages

These packages are created and maintained by the distributions' communities. They may be outdated, especially right after a new release (if so, check again in a few days or weeks).

We want to thanks everyone who have ported IMDbPY to other distributions or operating systems!

If you know of other ports or packages, please write it on the development mailing list.

debian logoDebian


Maintained by Ana Guerrero.

ubuntu logoUbuntu


fedora logoFedora


Maintained by Sindre Pedersen Bjørdal.

gentoo logoGentoo


Maintained by Doug Goldstein.

freebsd logoFreeBSD


Maintained by Li-Wen Hsu.

See also the py-imdbpy page from

mac os x logoMac OS X


Maintained by Markus W. Weissmann.

arch linux logoArch Linux

imdbpy's community package

Maintained by Rashif Ray Rahman.

openbsd logoOpenBSD


Maintained by Todd C. Miller.

Also available via CVS ports.

pardus logoPardus


Maintained by Serdar Dalgıç.

Also available via SVN. End users interested in the binary package can add the contrib repository and run pisi it imdbpy.

openembedded logoOpenEmbedded

IMDbPY is included in the software base of the OpenEmbedded project .

Metapackage maintained by Michael 'Mickey' Lauer.

pypm logoPyPM

IMDbPY is available as an activestate PyPMpackage .

Courtesy of Sridhar Ratnakumar.

Unofficial Packages

These packages are created by the IMDbPY's authors, and may not be fully compliant with the policies of the distribution.

prm package logoRPM package

Version 5.0, released .


rpms package logoRPMS (source) package

Version 5.0, released .


msi package logoMicrosoft Windows (MSI) package

Package built for Python 2.7, with mingw on a 64bit system.

Version 5.0, released .


Download documentation (not included in the Windows installer)